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KURDS ARE UP PROTESTING The Oppression of Iranian Mullah Regime



The Oppression of Iranian Mullah Regime          

            The Iranian state’s practices of killing, torture, rape and other brutalities against Kurdish people that have been maintained since long are aggravating. A young Kurdish girl, Fariza Xosrawani, committed suicide by throwing herself from the fourth floor of a hotel to protect herself from the rape of Iranian intelligence service “Itlaat”s members. Upon this incident people have started wide spread protests in historical Mahabad city which is the largest city of East Kurdistan.

            Beginning from the city of Mahabad, Iranian security officials attacked the demonstrators with firearms and violent methods in all Kurdish cities that demonstrations have been taking place. Following attempted rape, suicide of young girl Farizan, the death of two and injury of many Kurdish civilian demonstrators after the violent intervention of the Iranian armed forces, mass demonstrations have spread to other Kurdish cities. Upon failing to control the reactions stemming from rightful indignation against inhumane practices of the Iranian state, it is reported that a judicial investigation had been opened with the instructions of the President of Iran Hasan RUHANI. 

            Since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, killings, mass and public hangings of  Kurdish political and other prisoners, torture and other inhuman treatments have been applied to Kurdish community as a state policy. These practices of Shiite Mullahs regime to Kurds carry great resemblance to the ISIS’s brutal practices on Kurds, Shiites and Alevites in Syria and Iraq. With inadequate response of the inteational community, indifferent Mullah regime to intense criticism of the Inteational Human Rights Organizations continues its crimes against humanity. We protest the Iran Islam Republic and deeply condemn the despicable rape attempt of Iranian security forces to the young Kurdish girl in Mehabad City which has an important place in the history of Kurdish People. 

Everybody should see the rightful indignation of Kurdish people against Iran State for its inhuman practices with no respect to humanitarian values and inteational agreements. We as Kurdish lawyers, hereby, would like to express that we will be closely monitoring the crimes of the Iranian Mullah regime against humanity.


                                                                                                             With Due Respect

                                                                                    On behalf of the Diyarbakir Bar Association Board

                                                                                          Av. Tahir ELÇİ /  Bar Association President